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Ask About Our Delivery and Curbside Pickup

                                  Our Mission Statement

Resolution Rx is a New York State Licensed Pharmacy. I started the company in February 2009 to handle the issues surrounding high cost specialty medications. These medicines require extra work by the pharmacist such as calling the insurance company for prior approvals, working with pharmaceutical companies, non for profit foundations and state funded programs for assistance with cost issues, and to have open communication with physicians, clinic managers and office personnel in order to fulfill insurance company requirements for a particular medication. Currently Resolution Rx has a customer base which consists of patients from Manhattan to Poughkeepsie and west into Middletown. We hand deliver  medications either to the patients homes or alternate sites such as clinics and dialysis units. The company currently runs as a closed door pharmacy which means that there is no front retail operation. We are located in an office park in Brewster, New York and are looking to relocate the business to Pawling, New York and expand to include retail pharmacy. I always believed that someday I would want to grow and expand the business, but, starting small to create my vision would ensure success.  l believe the time to expand is now.  I have a good handle on the processes involved from purchasing from the wholesaler, managing inventory and expenses to actually delivering the medications to the patients hands. I realize that in order to continue on this road to success I need to offer more services.  At the new location we will continue to service our current customer base in addition to exposure to over 20,000 new customers located in Pawling and Patterson New York. Resolution Rx plans to offer a delivery service, homecare supplies, part B billing of medicines and Durable Medical Equipment , compounding, and a strong health and wellness formula of Homeopathic/Vitamin alternatives which will supported by a certified holistic health practitioner, nutritional consultant and herbalist.